Suggested Apps

The following apps are suggestions from me to serve your needs. However, they are not to be used as a replacement, but as a supplement to your therapy. If you would like to recommend an app, feel free to contact me.


PTSD Coach Canada (Free)

App by Veterans Affairs Canada to help you, your family and friends to learn about and manage symptoms that can occur after trauma.


Inner Balance (Free, iOS only)

App to help you improve wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. Also possible to purchase an Inner Balance Sensor to monitor your heart rate to be used with the app.



Self-Help for Anxiety Management (Free)

Developped by the University of the West of England, app offers methods to manage your anxiety.


Mindshift (Free)

Developed by AnxietyBC, designed to help teens and young adults to cope with anxiety.


Pacifica (Free)

Tools for managing depressed mood, anxiety and stressed based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relaxation and health. 


Panic Relief (Free)

App to help you cope with panic, stress and anxiety. Developed by a danish psychiatrist and specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy.


Happify (Free)

Activity and games app to help you take control of your emotional well being.


Mindsail (Free first month; $5.99/month after, iOS only)

App that provides programs across relationship, career, sleep, anxiety, happiness and more.



HeadSpace (10 first programs free, $12.00 after)

Provides guided mediation suitable for all levels. Mediation can help you improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness


Worry Watch ($2.79, iOS only)

App that helps you journal your worries and provides feedback to see how things turned out.



Moodkit ($6.99, IOS only)

Mood improvement tool which helps you apply effective strategies of professional psychology to your every day life.